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Hi everyone. I'm newbie.
What is "Defer parsing of JavaScript"
i see it when i check my Check my website loading speed.
How can i do? What do i need to Increase my scores.
This is my
[Image: b2asaw]
Hi sogold,

Did you run a WPT? If so, can you post the link to the results for us to see?

You want to defer the browser having the parse your JavaScript files until later in the HTML. JS files are parsed first. You want the browser to read those files last because they keep the browser from moving on to other things until that's done. So that's what "Defer parsing of JavaScript" means.

It looks like you're running your site on Wordpress, so you should be able to get the W3 Total Cache plugin to help increase your scores.

Again, if you post a link to your results, we may be able to help you more.
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