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Trying to publish a test to and I get this error.
"Please wait wile the results are uploaded to (could take several minutes)...

There was an error publishing the results to Please try again later"

It shows immediately on the page. Too quick for me to think it's actually doing anything. I verified that the publishTo setting in settings.ini is set to "" and not commented out.

I'm using the AWS AMI. Not sure what else to check. Doesn't look like there is any logging code in that module or anything.

Any suggestions? Thanks!
It seems like the publish.php is making it all they way through but the stream_get_contents isn't returning anything. Zip file is getting created just fine. I'm still scratching my head as to what's going on here. Is there some other api key we need to set up somewhere? I assume there would be. Or am I just understanding all of this wrong?
So is it just me? Anyone using the AWS AMI and able to do this?
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