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Hey guys,

I've been receiving reports from several Android Chrome users that they're not able to visit our site, and I'm glad I found this tool. WebPageTest is showing a 12999 error code which is proving quite elusive.

Initially I thought this was due to our RapidSSL certificate, but a SSL Labs test [0] scores an A rating and I'm seeing the same result on both HTTP and HTTPS.

Please see the test results for both protocols [1][2] with 3 runs to avoid outliers, and would appreciate any pointers. I have not been able to replicate this locally with Chrome Dev Tools and as far as I can tell our DNS is setup properly.

Any suggestions?

I seem to have found the issue behind this problem - one of the CNAMEs on the domain was "", and changing this to "" has solved the problem.

Does Android Chrome perhaps have issues with "--" in DNS?
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