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Dear all;
I require your suggestion to improve my site
Please help

here is your test results

ways to improve:

1. enable gzip compression for JS/CSS files. ask your hosting how to do that OR google how to enable it yourself depending on what you have apache or nginx or smth else.
2. compress all CSS files into one CSS file, the same goes for JS files. that would lower number of requests a browser should do to load your page = lower your full page load time.
3. optimize JPEG images. follow the above link to find out which ones need to be compressed. you online tools to compress images or command line ones (jpegtran, optipng) depending on your expertise.
4. set cache expire tags for your static resources (js/css,images). google how to do that for nginx or apache or your web server of choice. ask your hosting how to do that.
5. sign up for CDN.

your time to first byte looks OK.

start render time 2.5s is also OK but could be lowered by removing render-blocking CSS/JS.

do #1-#5 and you will be fine.
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