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Full Version: Manchester agent not working?
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I have been trying to use the Manchester agent for WPT and it appears to fail. Here's a sample test:

I tried to use the agent with my WPT script with a value "Manchester:Chrome" and it failed as well with a 400 error and this message
Quote:{"statusCode":400,"statusText":"Invalid Location, please try submitting your test request again."}

Are others seeing a similar issue as well?
I got a similar result when I tried - - Patrick may need to reach out to them to see what is going on.
The problem still persists. I re-ran the tests and got the same result:
I've pinged one of the person who used to look after it (not sure if they still do)
Should be working now
Sorry to necro a thread but it's gone again. London and Manchester Sad Time to boot up my own instance me thinks.
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