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Full Version: Firefox support broken?
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I tried three different instances that normally work fine for me. But with Firefox, the result in nothing: "Test Error: Timed out waiting for the browser to start."

  • (Germany - EC2 - Firefox - Cable)
  • (Prague, Czech Republic - Firefox - Cable)
Looking into it now. Looks like something with yesterday's update broke Firefox testing.
All fixed, thanks for letting me know:
Wow, you are fast! Many thanks, Pat!

I noticed, because I preferably test on Firefox. Our home market is Germany and thus Firefox territory (last week on our main site: 38% Firefox vs. 30% Blink-based browsers vs. 17% Webkit-based browsers).
I seem to be having the same issue. I ran 3 tests successfully this morning, then

Tried to put the page back into the queue, but it has been saying I'm behind 8 other tests since submitting.
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