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Full Version: Private Instance AWS still requires api key
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Hi everyone, fairly new to WPT.

I have setup an EC2 AMI and have been able to run tests both through UI and API.

I created an API KEY at

that key has allowed me to run several tests but now that i am starting to run more tests i started receiving this response:

"statusCode": 400,
"statusText": "The test request will exceed the daily test limit for the given API key"

It sounds like i need to reconfigure my private instance so it is stand alone. been trying to find documentation for this but unsuccessful so far.

my problem was that i was hitting the public URL not my private agent.

new issue:

now i have my EC2 instance autoscaling and working very very well through the interface. i still cannot drive it via command line/API

calling on the server :
webpagetest test -k <My_API_Key> -s ""

"statusCode": 200,
"statusText": "Ok",
"data": {
"testId": "161123_RN_1",
"ownerKey": "d2bd2078616a8e6393695733d33c02a64851e3bd",
"jsonUrl": "",
"xmlUrl": "",
"userUrl": "",
"summaryCSV": "",
"detailCSV": ""

but when i try to find status : webpagetest status 161123_RN_1
"statusCode": 400,
"statusText": "Test not found",
"data": {
"statusCode": 400,
"statusText": "Test not found",
"id": "161123_RN_1"


Found my issue:

when calling for status --server is required for a private instance

This worked:

webpagetest status 161123_RN_1 -s ""
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