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My test results show images not optimized and yet I have run jpegoptim and it shows no further compression possible. Any thoughts as to why the discrepancy?

Here is an example file:

The test was run on

Many thanks!
What jpegoptim options are you using? You need to enable the lossy/quality settings to get to the levels that WPT is recommending.

In case you didn't see it (because it is buried as a link below the waterfall) you can see all of the page images here: and for JPEGs it will provide "Analyze JPEG" links that show you visibly what quality 85 looks like:
WebPageTest will show automated results so you can forget some if you think your images are already optimized.
You can also try different jpegoptim option, or tool like JPEGmini. I use it in addtion to ImageOptim on Mac and it's a perfect set !
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