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As per requirement in my project, I need to have CPU Usage, Requests, Size etc. metrics not only for the documentComplete and fullyLoaded options but also for specific time slots.
E.g. if I am running my test for min 30 secs., I would like to have all the metrics above for 0-5, 0-10, 0-15 and 0-30 secs.

For the CPU Usage, I am reading the trace file, starting with the initial "ts" value and checking to see where the "ts" value goes beyond 5 secs from start time and writing the contents so far to a file as the trace file for 0-5 seconds. Likewise, I am creating separate files for 0-10, 0-15 and 0-30 seconds. Then I am using the Chrome Dev Tools APIs to get the CPU usage for the individual split files to have the numbers for the CPU usage for multiple time intervals.

I would like to know what procedure to follow for getting the numbers for Requests and Size over multiple time intervals.

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