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Hi All,

Need your help , i'm facing a problem i.e fields like (i.e Start Render,Time,Requests fields) are not getting populated when i trigger the webpage test using the Python utility that i developed via Linux terminal .

But when i try running the WebPage test via Browser, its works completely fine.

Just to give the background ,i'm hitting the AWS Route53 record internally this is mapped to an AWS ELB.

Is there any firewall stuff which need to be taken care while triggering the webpage test from linux machine via python utility...but frankly i have open port 80 already for the internet.
The visual metrics need video capture enabled in some cases. The UI uses the same API as the python script so it's likely going to come down to the test options (location, browser, connectivity, etc).
so what i need to do ,, kind of unclear ,please suggest
(02-06-2017 04:07 PM)viveknangal Wrote: [ -> ]so what i need to do ,, kind of unclear ,please suggest

Can you share details on the following:
  1. Test agent
  2. Browser
  3. Script parameters related to test

Basically, you'd need to have the API parameter "video=1" to capture the visual metrics.
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