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Full Version: Can't retreive S3 archived tests
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I added the s3 archive options to our settings.ini file and did a GET to /cli/archive.php.

A few moments later I saw the tests coming in, in the S3 bucket and the "old" tests being removed from the server. But, now, when I try to see those old results I just get a "Testing... Test not found" screen.

The EC2 user had AmazonS3FullAccess.

Should I see some archive.dat file somewhere?
When s3archive is configured it should automatically check the s3 bucket for the test and restore from there if it isn't available locally (it checks on any miss, no dat files needed). if you have archive_s3_url set it could be a problem because it will prefer that over using the API and it will probably fail:

The only settings should be archive_s3_server, archive_s3_key, archive_s3_secret and archive_s3_bucket
Arg, I don't know what I did exactly wrong to fix it, but it works now Smile
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