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Full Version: How does wpt find test results?
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I am migrating my private instance to a new server and i'm trying to keep all the history, logs, test results, etc.

- The old server has archived all test results to S3
- i configured the new server to point at the same S3 server/bucket
- I have copied ../www/logs/*

I can now see the test history (thanks to the files in www/logs) but when i open any tests that I know are in S3, it says "test not found"

The test does not exist in ../www/results on the new server, nor do any of the related directories because the test never lived on the new server ...

I assumed it was something like this:
- request test result <xyz> in the GUI
- wpt looks for it in the log files (in ../www/logs) to see if it's valid
- if it is, wpt looks in the ../www/results/YY/MM/DD/... folder
- if it's not there, wpt checks settings.ini for the type of archiving
- wpt pulls if from the archive (archive_directory or S3)
- then unzips it and shows it in the GUI

Am I forgetting something?

... tips/tricks?
This was my own mistake! I didn't make the changes that i submitted in my own pull request! ( ... doh!
In any case, I got it working and it seems to work as described in my initial post...
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