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Full Version: setCookie + navigate => Error: 12007
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I've tried several times to setCookie and navigate, but without success

Here the script I used

setCookie abtest=&abtestperc=&abtesth=8Fzi7WE6745Plxx2fZzXQg&cacheversion=f31-v138-dunhill-prevenv-prod&device=desktop&version=2017-03-09-71b13360bafa&lang=
navigate https://www.dunhill.dom/it/uomo/sartoria

The error I got is 12007 both from Dulles, VA and from Germany. Results follow:

What am I doing wrong?
If that's the exact script you are using, the navigate command has a typo in the domain (.dom instead of .com) which explains the 12007 (dns lookup error).
(03-28-2017 09:46 PM)pmeenan Wrote: [ -> ]navigate command has a typo in the domain

Jeez, now I feel dumb. Big Grin
Thank you for your time...
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