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Full Version: Are WebSockets supported when uploading ChromePerformance logs
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I am capturing chrome performance log for a website that uses websockets.

I can upload the log to my private instance of webpagetest using /import.php, and that is working great.

However, should I be able to see in output any reference to WebSockets and their traffic?

I currently use Browsermob proxy to view traffic but this does not support websockets so was hoping that Chrome Performance Logs uploaded to WebPAgeTest could be a solution that supported websockets.


Nope, WebPageTest doesn't do anything with websockets. It only understands HTTP request/response protocols.
That is a shame. I was hoping that because chrome developer tools has a WebSockets option in the Network tab, it would just work for WebPageTest.

I don't suppose you know of any options to capture and review websocket requests?
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