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Full Version: Are WebSockets supported when uploading ChromePerformance logs
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I am capturing chrome performance log for a website that uses websockets.

I can upload the log to my private instance of webpagetest using /import.php, and that is working great.

However, should I be able to see in output any reference to WebSockets and their traffic?

I currently use Browsermob proxy to view traffic but this does not support websockets so was hoping that Chrome Performance Logs uploaded to WebPAgeTest could be a solution that supported websockets.


Nope, WebPageTest doesn't do anything with websockets. It only understands HTTP request/response protocols.
That is a shame. I was hoping that because chrome developer tools has a WebSockets option in the Network tab, it would just work for WebPageTest.

I don't suppose you know of any options to capture and review websocket requests?

Are you using API for importing devtools file or doing it by your self.
If Yes, Can you please provide reference(i.e. API documentaion) for this.

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