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(12-06-2017 11:01 PM)Sreelathas Wrote: [ -> ]
(10-30-2017 02:30 PM)alvarinho01 Wrote: [ -> ]Hi,

My website takes long time to load and I need a fix for the same. Anybody who is interested in fixing this problem let me know on the following email id -

My website address is

Consider fixing the following on page issues. Most of the issues are in CSS files. CSS minification will help in increasing the website loading speed.

Yesterday I checked my webpage- show me waterfall stats. Please help me to read.
[Image: bc3670621a75be330743fcef9ddc97ea.png]

Looks like you hijacked this thread, meaning you posted a question about your site in an existing thread (which deals with another site), rather than starting a new thread.

Start a new thread + ask your question again.
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