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is it possible to add feature which will get more response headers from Akamai?

it's necessary simply to add pragma like this:
pragma:akamai-x-get-client-ip, akamai-x-cache-on, akamai-x-cache-remote-on, akamai-x-check-cacheable, akamai-x-get-cache-key, akamai-x-get-extracted-values, akamai-x-get-nonces, akamai-x-get-ssl-client-session-id, akamai-x-get-true-cache-key, akamai-x-serial-no, akamai-x-feo-trace, akamai-x-get-request-id

to the request.

Thank you.
Under advanced settings there is a custom headers field which lets you add custom request headers so you should be able to just paste that into the field.
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