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Full Version: Cancelled test still seen in getLocation
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Hi Peter,

We are cancelling the test using http://<privateInstanceIP>/cancelTest.php?test=<testId> but the tests are still seen in the getLocation page. We have cross checked the test using http://<Private Instance IP>/result/170525_EH_6426dd6787c9b40e2d04ab0d631e786f/ and got
Sorry, this test was cancelled before it ran!, but the numbers are still present in getLocation.

Can you please help us here.

Hi Peter,

Tests are not getting cancelled after hitting http://<privateInstanceIP>/cancelTest.php?test=<testId>. I had also tried to shutdown the testing instances manually but no luck. Is there any way around to cancel the running tests.

Deepak Bhatt
Hello Everyone,

Any thoughts on this?

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