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Sameone can help me?

(webpagetest 3.0, testers with windows 10)

when I click on watch video this page appears:
[Image: video1.jpg]

on server side this folder is created containing the following files:
[httpd@webpagetest:/store/webpagetest.xxxxxxx/doc_root/results/video/17/06/23/W3/1BV.1.0] $ dir
labels.txt  testinfo.json.gz

Server side seems all properly installed:
[Image: install.jpg]

The video generation page remains locked and the video is not generated

I didn't find opened similar thread on forum.
Do you have any suggestion??
I Inform this forum that I found the cause of my problem ...
For creating the video, the background process requires setting a variable written in the settings.ini file:

; Base URI to use for loopback requests (background processing, video creation, etc).
; This is mostly used when the pages are behind authentication and need another path
; for processing background tasks.
; local_server=http://X.X.X.X

In my case I did not notice that the line was commented (;) and there is no warning on the lack when you make the video request
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