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Full Version: Test of site duplicates not providing full test results
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We have copied a site to another site/server twice to create a total of 3 instances of the same site so we can do some architecture testing.

So we have ...

All three the same site, but using different combo of shared server, non shared server, local database, external database.

When I do a webpagetest on live site I get what looks like all the test results.

When I do a test on each of the 2 sites I get a subset of the data test results ...

Performance Results (Median Run)
Document Complete Fully Loaded
Load Time First Byte Start Render First Interactive (beta) Time Requests Bytes In Time Requests Bytes In Certificates Cost
First View (Run 3) 0.406s 0.406s - > 21.642s - 0 0 KB 0.406s 1 0 KB 3 KB $----

With one entry in the waterfall

Can anyone explain why I cannot get full results for the 2 duplicate test sites?

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