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Full Version: Over 800ms dns connection for California USA - EC2 - Chrome - Cable
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This is my first post on this forum Rolleyes Usually I tried to get the answer from existing questions on the forum, but I cannot find anything I can translate to an action from my side.

I executed tests with choosing the location "California USA - EC2 - Chrome - Cable" and "San Jose, CA - Chrome - Cable (video)". The DNS connection is always over 800ms on this location.

Here are the links to the test:

I tried a test with another website not belonging to me with the same location, and here the dns connection is faster (less than 300ms):

When I try to test other location in the US, the dns connection is less than 100ms:

For information, here is the result of whatsmydns
Basically it indicates as ip

Do you know where could the long dns connection time for tests with my website in California come from (while it is good for another website and good for my website in other locations) ?

Thanks in advance
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