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Full Version: public WPT instance and blocking requests
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I was trying to test a page using the public WPT instance . I wanted to block out several beacon related domains and thus listed them, space delimited, in the block tab. The test completed but the blocked domains specified were still fetched for beacons by WPT and showed up in the waterfall. Our private WPT instance does not have this issue and blocks out the beacon domains correctly.

Can someone comment on their having successfully tested blocked domains using the public WPT instance?


Can you try as follows?
You should use SPOF tab.
setDnsName ajax.googleapis.com blackhole.webpagetest.org
setDnsName apis.google.com blackhole.webpagetest.org
setDnsName http://www.google-analytics.com blackhole.webpagetest.org
setDnsName connect.facebook.net blackhole.webpagetest.org
setDnsName platform.twitter.com blackhole.webpagetest.org
navigate your.url.com
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