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Full Version: Calling JavaScript func
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I can no longer using the following script to log into our site because we use JavaScript functions instead.

logData 0
setValue id=username user1
setValue id=password password
submitForm name=loginForm

How would I put the following line in wpt scripting?

document.getElementById("__input1-inner").value = "username";
document.getElementById("__input2-inner").value = "password";


exec and execAndWait are what you're looking for

exec document.getElementById("__input1-inner").value = "username";
exec document.getElementById("__input2-inner").value = "password";
execAndWait document.getElementById("loginForm").submit();

As per slide 38 (last line) of https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1...2107_0_124 I often grab the element for the submit button and send a click to it instead of using submit
Thank you Andy!

Really helpful. it works!

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