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Full Version: the test takes too long time for a very simple page
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Hi Everyone.
I'm newbie to webpagetest.
and i've setup correctly of a private instance on a windows server.
but First Byte´╝îStart Render take a too long time.

i suspect the issue is at the below two urls.
on the server side , keeps stay at above two urls for a long time.

Does it because of the server is located in china?
Anybody knows why above two urls been blocked?

i'm using the latest code from below url.
There's not much we can see from the screenshot you posted, but those 2 urls you posted are references to localhost, not anything that the baidu (the page you tested) would really reference.

Sounds like you have an issue in your WPT private instance setup. Try posting this same question in that forum.
Reference URL's