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Full Version: https://cigarleisure.com 404
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Trying to trace what is calling https://app.cigarleisure.com/focus/2.js

Any suggestions other than inactivating plugins one by one? The referrer info here doesn't seem to help.
There is some js at the end of the html:

<script src="//app.cigarleisure.com/focus/2.js" type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" async="async"></script>

If it's not part of your template code it is being injected by a plugin and there's not going to be a good way to tell from the outside.
Thanks-always go for the easy one first. I looked through all the plugin assets-not there but it was in footer.php where I didn't expect it.

Looks like some one botched adding some Facebook tracking.
The easy way to determine this is ssh + on the command line.

cd DocumentRoot
find . -type f -exec egrep 2.js {} \;

This will give you the answer in a few seconds.

If you can't do this, open a ticket with your hosting company.
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