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hello i have already buy VPS located in singapore , because i want to load fast in indonesia, but the speed only take 4 second, not less then 3 second, my site
My website is on shared hosting and it takes almost average 2-3 seconds almost in every country. I want to optimize speed to 1-2 seconds.
The problem with your website is that it's completely unoptimized. Check it out on

You need to use WebPageTest + 3 other testing tools (Google Page Insights, GTMetrix and Pingdom) in order to fully understand what is wrong with your website.

We can help you at
A few things to do first.

1) Change over to using HTTP2.

2) Wrap your site in SSL, as by mid October, any non-SSL site will start being reported as suspicious by all major browsers.

3) Upgrade your WordPress version, to avoid being hacked.

4) Times to serve static resources (.css, .js, images) seem a bit long, so this may relate to your ethernet adapter being saturated (no likely) or your hosting company throttling bandwidth (very likely, especially in Asia).

Note: If your trying to serve content at highest speeds to Indonesia, then just lease a dedicated server in the US or Canada, from someone like OVH (cheap + fast).

Since Indonesia lives on top of the primary fiber connection, you'll only gain a few milliseconds of speed increase hosting in Singapore + have have to pay for much higher priced hosting to fix your connection speed problems.

Try OVH + see how your speed to Indonesia improves.

My guess is you'll be very surprised.
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I can look into the same
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