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I'm wanting to run a private instance on a docker container inside a kubernetes cluster. to that end I've made a pull request for the WPT code I couldn't see a or similar file in your the WebPageTest repo.

Can anyone give guidance on how long a pull request would take to be reviewed and any further steps I might need to make?

Note I've also made a related pull request to the helm charts but I know how that side of things work

Just as a follow up to this one. The WebPageTest pull request has been merged and I'm proceeding with the helm chart pull request.

The design is
* WebPageTest server in a kubernetes cluster
* Agents can be any of Amazon Images, Docker containers or private VM's
For docker containers or private VM's one would need to create a config map to replace locations.ini at /var/www/html/settings/locations.ini

A point to note for future. The docker logs should be to stdout rather than hidden behind supervisord redirect to files

If anyone needs to debug it's useful to tail
tail -f /var/log/supervisor/apache2_stderr.log /var/log/supervisor/apache2_stdout.log /var/www/html/ec2/log/ec2.log.*
Hi timothyclarke,
Is there any documentation regarding setup and running Webpagetest private instance?. I'm facing some issues with the same.
The chrome browser Crashes, or I get network error. However Firefox tests are passing
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