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Full Version: Wordpress Template : Any suggestion ?
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Occasionally I've to build a website and has been 2-3years I dont do it.

Im just a wordpress user so Im not good with coding and so.

I know all the tips but what I find hard is picking up the right theme.

Time ago I did a website, tons of content but it was coded so bad that was slow and penalized by google for that.

Themeforest reviews doesnt count, even top selling templates are bad so I think its better asking here if someone has some personal experience.

Im looking for a template that is fast and that has good seo structure

Thanks a lot.

Ps : tryed avada - divi etc but they are slow and full of code that u dont need.

BTW Ive to build a website for my company, need to show 100 pages of services we do etc.

Thanks for any reply and sorry for my english Smile
anyone could help me ? thanks a lot
That depends, are you looking for one that is good for the loading speeds? If not, you're asking at the wrong place.

At any rate you should try these
yes speed, I aim always to get gtmetrix near 100% and load speed very fast.

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