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Full Version: _ip_addr _server_port_ and _client_port missing in Firefox
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I'm a user of Webpagetest (thanks to all the developers!).
I've a private instance with 24 agents in docker containers. It works great!

However, I noticed that in the HAR files the _ip_addr _server_port_ and _client_port information in missing for Firefox Sad It is available for Chrome.

Is this a bug?
Is there a workaround to map each HTTP object to the corresponding TCP connection found in the PCAP capture?

Thank You in advance!
Bug/missing feature. If possible, could you file an issue here:

I may be able to implement it tomorrow if I think about it. I think the data I need is available in the mozilla log files (if not then it won't be possible but I think it's there).
Thank You!
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