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Full Version: Hardwork paying off avg page load reduced to 1.3 Sec
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Recently I was working on optimization of a site, and now finally its average page load time time has been reduced to 1.3 sec (source: Google webmaster tool).
Quote:On average, pages in your site take 1.3 seconds to load (updated on Jan 23, 2010). This is faster than 82% of sites. These estimates are of medium accuracy (between 100 and 1000 data points)

There were a lot of ups and downs in page load time as few things failed and few worked exceptionally good.

I will rate these as top 3 techniques which helped
  1. Reduce http requests (Use image sprites, combine css and js etc)
  2. Use browser cache properly
  3. Gzip your html, css and optimize images

You can also see the test results for the site on

I think you hit the most important ones and that's pretty much what I see across the board (plus persistent connections if that is broken on your page):

Other optimizations are pretty much icing on the cake or tiny incremental gains but those make HUGE differences.

Wow this is very nice.

I presume you used sprite to combine all the images from your site. Is that easy to do? Any impact on SEO?

I only used sprite for my layout gif images.
I'm not sure how to do that for all most images on my site/homepage, since those other images are not using css to be displayed.
Are you using the background-position on your page code?

Hope you see what i mean Smile
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