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Full Version: Empty 'Test Location' despite starting agent
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1. I seek to setup wpt server and agent locally (on same machine) - ubuntu box
2. I have setup wpt server over apache and am able to see wpt private instance home screen on hitting local url 'http://wpt/'
3. The problem is that 'Test Location' drop-down remains empty despite many attempts to get the config right and starting the agent. Config details below - looking for pointers of where I'm going wrong.


My locations.ini (located at /var/www/html/wpt/www/settings/locations.ini) is as below. I restarted apache server after putting in the following details:


label="Local Browsers"


I'm trying to start my agent as below:

python wptagent.py -vvvv --server http://wpt/work/ --location LocalPageTest

The output on command line on starting wptagent.py is as below:

python wptagent.py -vvvv --server http://wpt/work/ --location LocalPageTest
12:05:26.136 - Detected Browsers:
12:05:26.136 - Chrome: /opt/google/chrome/chrome
12:05:26.136 - Firefox: /usr/lib/firefox/firefox
fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git
Python 2.7.12
Modern traceroute for Linux, version 2.0.21
Copyright (c) 2008  Dmitry Butskoy,   License: GPL v2 or any later
12:05:26.335 - Display: :0
12:05:26.335 - sudo chmod -R 777 ~/.config/configstore/
12:05:26.342 - Waiting for Idle...
12:05:28.362 - Default interface: wlp2s0
RTNETLINK answers: File exists
RTNETLINK answers: No such file or directory
Running agent, hit Ctrl+C to exit
12:05:28.436 - Starting extension server on port 8888
12:05:28.439 - Starting new HTTP connection (1):
12:05:28.440 - /ping
12:05:28.440 - 200 GET /ping ( 0.57ms
12:05:28.440 - "GET /ping HTTP/1.1" 200 4
12:05:28.442 - Starting CPU benchmark
12:05:29.541 - CPU Benchmark elapsed time: 1.099, multiplier: 0.910
12:05:29.541 - Checking for work: http://wpt/work/getwork.php?f=json&shards=1&location=LocalPageTest&pc=mlptp&version=17.12&freedisk=790.942&upminutes=164
12:05:29.542 - Starting new HTTP connection (1): wpt
12:05:59.552 - http://wpt:80 "GET /work/getwork.php?f=json&shards=1&location=LocalPageTest&pc=mlptp&version=17.12&freedisk=790.942&upminutes=164 HTTP/1.1" 200 0
12:06:04.563 - Checking for work: http://wpt/work/getwork.php?f=json&shards=1&location=LocalPageTest&pc=mlptp&version=17.12&freedisk=790.942&upminutes=165
12:06:04.567 - Resetting dropped connection: wpt
12:06:34.573 - http://wpt:80 "GET /work/getwork.php?f=json&shards=1&location=LocalPageTest&pc=mlptp&version=17.12&freedisk=790.942&upminutes=165 HTTP/1.1" 200 0
12:06:39.582 - Checking for work: http://wpt/work/getwork.php?f=json&shards=1&location=LocalPageTest&pc=mlptp&version=17.12&freedisk=790.941&upminutes=165
12:06:39.587 - Resetting dropped connection: wpt

Requesting to please point me to where I may be going wrong with the above config.
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