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Full Version: Newbie Testing for CDN wihout DNS changes
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i have a couple of applications that i am going to move to CDN like cloudflare or Incapsula.

I have got a POC that i am doing and got hte CNAME changes to be done. What i want to do it take a snapshot of the application before and after without actually doing the CNAME changes in the DNS servers.

so my question is how can i use the setDNSName in on the site

usage: setDnsName <name to override> <real name>
example: setDnsName

I have tried to give the above in the scrip section, however that is not helping.


Appreciate your help.

Looks like you have them flipped. Put the domain you want to override first and the name you want it to use under the covers second. Make sure the command and both names are all separated with tabs.

The only other issue that comes to mind is that the DNS override doesn't work with iOS but it should work with all of the other browsers/devices.
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