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Full Version: WPT Public API tests - private=0 not logging history ?
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I whipped up a script to use WPT Public instances API for testing But using curl I set private=0 but I am not seeing any of the results on Test History page ?

The only time I can see the results if i check the show all users box and filter on my test domain name ? Is that a bug or a feature ?

How can I verify if this is an issue with my API command or if it's an bug on WPT's end ?

example of most recent run I tried

./ wpt california

ec2-us-west-1:Chrome.Cable WPT Results
Test ID: 180705_SA_1NQA
Test Started 25 seconds ago
Test Started 25 seconds ago (100)
waiting on results...
Test Complete
Test Complete (200)
waiting on results...
Test Complete
Test Complete (200)
firstPaint 576
loadTime 599
domInteractive 214
fullyLoaded 1574
requests 25
TTFB 173
domElements 1967
visualComplete 1100
render 600
SpeedIndex 605
visualComplete85 600
visualComplete90 600
visualComplete95 600
visualComplete99 600
chromeUserTiming.domInteractive 214
chromeUserTiming.firstPaint 576
chromeUserTiming.firstContentfulPaint 576
chromeUserTiming.domComplete 599
chromeUserTiming.firstMeaningfulPaint 672
chromeUserTiming.firstMeaningfulPaintCandidate 672
lighthouse.Performance.first-contentful-paint 1261
lighthouse.Performance.estimated-input-latency 18
lighthouse.Performance.speed-index 1509
lighthouse.Performance.first-meaningful-paint 1782
lighthouse.Performance.first-cpu-idle 3253

I have exactly the same problem.
private=0 not logging anything on my user account

it seems that account is linked to the forum only
and the public API key is not linked to my user account (even if both have the same email address)

login/password with my credentials does not change anything

Can anyone help ?

Thanks Blush
Thanks for chiming in. I do recall in the past API results did at one time show up in testlog user account listing.. or my mind playing tricks on me ? Smile
Having the same issue here, what is the process for requesting API-called tests be added to a user history?
Hi all,

same issue here. executing api calls via Jenkins and receiving the test results via mail, but no sign of them in the history. private=0
Any solution or hint is appreciated

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