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Full Version: TTFB Job
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Our clients TTFB is slow 1.266s we need to get it fixed if anyone can help let me know and I can share the details.

Post URL of site your testing + likely someone can assist.

Keep in mind TTFB relates to your runtime environment...

This includes code versions running + tuning of each software layer.

Normal fix will be to audit your tuning with various tools + fix any diagnostics emitted...

Like reviewing your Apache logs (error + access), PHP FPM logs (thread messages + scripts taking too long to run), MariaDB/MySQL (slow/error logs, mysqltuner).

The path to fixing TTFB slowness is easy + straight forward, if you're running a LAMP Stack + have root ssh access to your machine.

If not... fixing TTFB problems can be long + expensive.
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