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Full Version: TTFB = 0 when testing in Desktop. Mobile works fine
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Metric for TTFB is different in private instance when executed on mobile and Desktop.

My Script :

logData 0
execAndWait document.querySelector('[name="email"]').value=''
exec document.querySelector('[name=email]').dispatchEvent(new Event('blur'));
execAndWait document.querySelector('[name="password"]').value='XXXX';
exec document.querySelector('[name=password]').dispatchEvent(new Event('blur'));
execAndWait document.querySelector('[data-automation-id="signin-submit-btn"]').click()
sleep 10
logData 1

When I run the script in mobile device.. it gives me correct TTFB, but if I run it on Desktop (Chrome,FF, IE), it gives me TTFB of 0. Upon investigating HAR, it looks like I get TTFB of instead of '/cart' .
Why would there be a difference in Desktop and Mobile.

One reference test for public instance of wpt of similar test

Any help in investigation is appreciated

Attaching 2 screenshots
Update. If I add `combineSteps` in the beginning of the script, the I do get a reasonable TTFB (~400ms) in the desktop test.. Just wondering, why would `combineSteps` make any difference in how test is recorded.
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