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Full Version: API Connectivity option getting discarded
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I'm using the public WPT site through SItespeed.IO and trying to test a few different mobile devices with 3G, 4G, and LTE connectivity profiles. It seems that I can only run my mobile devices against 3G - anything else switches to Cable. Has anybody else run into this before? Or can point out what I'm doing wrong?

My config file (falls back to run as Cable):

    "mobile" : "true",
    "browsertime" : {
        "iterations" : 3,
        "connectivity" : {
            "profile" : "native"
    "webpagetest" : {
        "key" : "avalidapikey",
        "mobile" : 1,
        "runs" : 2,
        "device" : "iPhoneX",
        "connectivity" : "4G"
    "" : "graphite"
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