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Full Version: Script Tests Aborting Out
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Sometime last year (2017), our private instance of WPT Monitor began failing. Initially, I thought it was our server, but after trying the tests on the public instance, I'm now at a loss.

The following test (every page that previously worked, actually) fails out with error code 99995 (Test Error: net::ERR_ABORTED). I have been unable to find anyone else with this issue. I've tried different locations, different browsers, mobile, desktop, and even simplifying the script down to 1 or 2 lines. Nothing works. I need the script to login. Does anyone have any idea what might be going on?


logData 0
navigate https://www.mocospace.com/wap2/login.jsp
setValue name=login_name *****
setValue name=password *****
execAndWait document.querySelector('.g-recaptcha').click();
sleep 5
logData 1
navigate https://www.mocospace.com/wk/feed/index.jsp?tracking.enabled=false
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