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Full Version: Extremely long TTFB - Need help!
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I have never dealt with an issue like this before. My test results are between 6-8 second TTFB which is an absolute crawl! I cannot figure out why this is happening.

See test results here:

All help appreciated. Thank you!

It looks like you found an answer. Your site pops up ASAP. I am having the same issue, and no one I have spoke to has the answer so far. What did you do to fix your site?

For me, my site pop-décor does the same thing if I type just pop-dé into the browser, but if I type, the site would come up immediately.

pop-dé takes 9 seconds to load the first css file (gets tucj on some 301 stuff) takes 1.5 seconds to load the first css file
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