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I have not posted here before so I hope I'm adding this to an appropriate thread. I'm trying to get some measures with Webpagetest on a couple of hundred Wordpress theme and theme framework demo URLs for performance. I'm aware lots of other factors impact performance beyond the theme blah blah but looking to get some initial measures as blankish canvases. Rick V from HTTP Archive suggested it might be an idea to use Webpagetest with Lighthouse and that it might also be useful to use Andy Davies Webpagetest script. I'm doing this but trying to populate lighthouse options which seems to only have the option to add either 1 or 0 in the Webpagetest documentation. Feels like I need to add a heck of a lot more than merely 1 or 0 because of the many options available for performance in Lighthouse. Anyone had any experience of adding lighthouse field to external scripts using the API? Wondered if anyone had any guidance on other fields I need to add e.g.?
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