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Full Version: Webpagetest Server behind Reverse Proxy Sub path
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I am attempting to put the server behind a reverse proxy sub path as I am doing this on k8s, and using traefik for the reverse proxy. Tried few things like setting cdn=webpagetest/ in settings.ini but no help.

kind: Ingress
apiVersion: extensions/v1beta1
  name: ingress-wpts
  annotations: traefik
    traefik.frontend.entryPoints: http
    traefik.frontend.rule.type: PathPrefixStrip
  - http:
      - path: "/webpagetest"
          serviceName: wpts-webpagetest-server
          servicePort: 80
I wanted to know if webpagetest supports something like setting root url for the website.

Any leads will be helpful. Thanks.

Shobhit Sharma
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