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Full Version: Wrong(?) order of http/2 requests to the same server that start at the same time
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I've noticed that sometimes WPT waterfall shows requests in the order that does not seem to be the order in which the requests are issued by the browser.

For example here:


Item 2 in waterfall is HTTP/2 Stream: 7 (as you can see response comes last)
Item 3 in waterfall is HTTP/2 Stream: 3
Item 4 in waterfall is HTTP/2 Stream: 1 (as you can see it is the only one with DNS+TCP+TLS before)
Item 5 in waterfall is HTTP/2 Stream: 5

They all have the same request start time (coming from <link rel=preload>) and this is probably why -- AFAIU requests are sorted by start time, but if multiple start at the same time, they get wrongly shuffled.
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