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Full Version: Seeing Loadm.exelator.com login in screenshot results
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Hey, so I just ran my second test using the service.

In the results screenshots and video, I'm seeing a 'please login' prompt for something called loadm.exelator.com(screenshot below). I don't see this on my actual site when visiting etc.

[Image: Ulf2zFWA]
Link to image

I've done some Googling and it looks like this may be malware?

Is this something to do with the test I ran, or is there actually something of concern on my site?

Test ran:
Dulles, VA - Nexus 5 - Chrome - 3G

Any idea what this is, seems like it's the testing device itself?

Hi Stephen,

I also saw this already in 2018, but it probably was removed. Now I see this again. I fear the browsers used on WPT are infected.

I use the same Browser:
From: Dulles, VA - Galaxy S5 - Chrome - 3GFast

Those are different devices - do you have a link to some sample test results so I can take a look? It's entirely possible that UC browser or Opera installed some android-wide crapware with a recent update (UC in particular is pretty bad about doing it).
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