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Full Version: strange event order: 1. DOM inter. 2. Doc complete 3. RUM FP 4. Starts render
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[Image: 0FE83m4.png]

My event order is:
  1. DOM interactive
  2. Document complete
  3. RUM First Paint
  4. Starts render

Shouldn't it be:

  1. RUM First Paint || Starts render
  2. DOM interactive
  3. Document complete

Why do I have such strange order of events?
Not necessarily. Layout and painting are done lazily and relatively asynchronously (and it can take a while to actually do the layout and render). If your HTML and included resources load fast enough it is entirely possible for the browser to complete loading technically without having painted anything to the screen yet.
My deduction from your answer is, that maybe I understand improperly what is what.

What exactly is DOM interactive? I couldn't find info in DOCs.

DOM Interactive is a spec'd standard: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs...nteractive

It's basically when the parser completes processing the HTML (before firing the DOMContentLoaded handlers if I remember right).
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