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I'm testing out wpt and integration with a private instance. When running it seems wpt is called with no issues, but I'm confused on what should I see on results regarding wpt. On the documentation it says this:
Quote:We love WebPageTest (WPT), so we have integrated WebPageTest with (it’s a plugin). When including WPT you will get a tab for each result and if you are using Graphite, WebPageTest metrics will be automatically sent.

Reading that I supposed I was going to see another tab at the top of the page (where detailed summary, pages, etc), with wpt results or somehing like that, but I only see these three metrics on thr detailed summary page:

WPT render (firstView)
WPT SpeedIndex (firstView)
WPT Fully loaded (firstView)

Is this correct or should I be seeing more details from wpt ?

I'm running sitespeed like this:

Quote:docker run --shm-size=1g --name ss --rm -v "$(pwd)":/ sitespeedio/ -b chrome --webpagetest.key xxxxxxx --webpagetest.location desktop --webpagetest.connectivity lan --webpagetest.runs 3

Thanks for the help.
I opened an issue on and it turned out to be a bug when using a private instance:
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