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Full Version: Need desktop version of PageTest
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You can get a reasonably recent version of the msi installer here:
(06-28-2013 12:48 AM)pmeenan Wrote: [ -> ]You can get a reasonably recent version of the msi installer here:


Okay, looks like I'll have to admit to a fading memory... again. re: The Desktop version of PageTest:

I've been digging around but haven't been able to find it. What is the default location where the data and error logs are posted, and can it be changed? Even when logging is turned on, I can't seem to find where the files are being generated.

Also, although I know it's called PageTest not SiteTest, while it's navigating the script there are waterfalls being shown for each page as it progresses. Was there a command that allowed one to snapshot those, and their associated data, during the script run? The earlier version used to hold the waterfall and such so that you could save the different items from the 'Files' dropdown (albeit only the first completed page). The current one seems to flush it all a couple of seconds after the page completes. 'Ya gotta be pretty fast to catch it that way. :-) I couldn't remember if there was something like a postData <switch> option that would (could) let the script trigger a save/export all data at each stage. Or am I just fondly remembering one of those wish-list items?


The desktop UI doesn't log the performance data out. Those are only saved when it is automated. If you're tracking down issues the best way is to use debugview which will display the internal error messages for debugging (a debug build will generate a whole ton of them - not sure how much you'll get from a release build).
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