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How do you do website testing?

I know there are testing tools built into stacks. With ASP.NET MVC one can create unit tests that test controllers.

But what about testing an actual web page? Let's say you have a complicated Sign Up form that may change based on javascript and/or different data in the query string.

Is there a decent tool to automate testing? free netflix tech news android 9 Perhaps it uses headless chrome? Some kind of webbrowser or something that can be scripted to pull up a URL, enter data into form fields, click a button, and then check results?

Or is this just too complicated?

The platform/stack of the tool doesn't matter so long as it just works.
WebPageTest has a scripting interface that you can use to interact with pages and do multi-step tests (login/checkout flow, navigate through a site, etc):

If you're just looking for more generic CLI testing, webdriver is the main method used for doing that. Virtually all of the browsers expose a driver for it and there are language bindings to automate webdriver in virtually any language you'd like:

If you like webdriver but don't have access to all of the browsers and devices the are online services like sauce labs that provide webdriver-as-a-service:
In comparing between the use of Selenium or WebPageTest , as I understand it Selenium can capture some user browser related performance metrics from navigation timing, while WebPageTest offers more detailed metrics including Speed Index and User Timing metrics.
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