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Full Version: How to check the performance of the page after login?
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How to check the performance of the page after login?

Kindly explain with an example.
Here is documentation on an example of testing a logged in page

Under the section - Hosted Scripting (WebPagetest) see-
logData 0

// bring up the login screen
navigate http://webmail.aol.com

logData 1

// log in
setValue name=loginId someuser@aol.com
setValue name=password somepassword
submitForm name=AOLLoginForm
I'm trying something similar and it's not working for some reason (thus my other post about tools to test these scripts Wink ), what might be incorrect in the following (which would hopefully help the OP as well).

I'm trying to capture the events on the shopping cart open, but instead the screenshot I'm getting back is as if the user never logged in at all!

logData 0
navigate https://www.mysite.com/signin
setValue id=SignIn-emailInput myEmail
setValue id=SignIn-passwordInput myPassword
submitForm id=SignIn-form

logData 1
navigate https://www.mysite.com/shoppingcart
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