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Full Version: How to Speed Up my Word Press Website
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I have a WordPress website. The developer said it can not be optimized more. I was wondering if you could make it faster. My website is made with Woocommerce. I will appreciate if you could check and let me know.

Thank you,
Tony Hisir
Hi Tony ,
I check further the link shared and hope the desktop speed is quite good.
If need can check for mobile once
I am not sure why you developer told you that the site cannot get faster.

Or there are technical requirements which are not in place, or your developer might be immature in website speed optimization and he did as much as he can.

If he is not immature, the few tests may guide him into the right direction.

The tests are based on Google's testing requirements:

Connection: (1.6 Mbps/769 Kbps, 150ms)
Device: Nexus 5X/Pixel/Pixel 2

Good luck Tony. Smile
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