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Full Version: Sirv CDN not detected
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Hello, can you add Sirv CDN to your list of recognised CDNs please? For example, this page serves files from Sirv CDN on the domain mpyrudga.sirv.com:


Test results show "Use a CDN for all static assets" for files such as:

FAILED - https://mpyrudga.sirv.com/pub/static/ver...ice.min.js

You can check the x-sirv-server response header to see which Sirv edge location returned the file e.g.

x-sirv-server: sirvcdn-gbr-1

The test results are here:


All files listed on the domain mpyrudga.sirv.com are false positives. (They're being served from a CDN).
Is there an admin on this forum that can advise how a CDN can be added to the WebPageTest list of known CDNs?
Bumping this up...

There are many CDNs not known to WebPageTest, so it falsely flags files with "Use a CDN for all static assets".

What is the process for adding new CDNs to WebPageTests list of known CDNs?
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