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I've written a script that kicks off a test, polls to wait for results, grabs the results and puts them into a python dataframe. At least that's what it's supposed to do.

My code is pretty messy so I apologies in advance, please feel free to suggest improvements if you have time but my priority is to get the script working.

When I send a GET to /testStatus.php, I am expecting a 1XX response as per the documentation, but it seems to return a 200 when the test is at the front of the queue and started. I'm now not sure how I can wait for the test to complete .

As a side note, I'm also having trouble with knowing how long to poll for since I've experienced being behind 78 tests this week. Any good strategies to deal with this are welcome!

import requests
import pandas as pd
import json
import time

verbose_debug = None

parameters = {
    'k'            : "<myAPIkey>", # API Key
    'f'            : "json",
    'location'     : "ec2-eu-west-1:Chrome.3GFast",
    'mobileDevice' : "Nexus 5",
    'url'          : "www.<mydomain>",
    'runs'         : 1,
    'lighthouse'   : 1,
    'timeline'     : 1,
    'video'        : 1,
    #'notify'       : "<my work email>"

# check a the test's status, returns a tuple
def getTestStatus(testId):
    testStatus_Response = requests.get('' + testId)
    resp_dict_status = json.loads(testStatus_Response.text)
    statusText = resp_dict_status['data']['statusText']
    statusResponseCode = testStatus_Response.status_code
    print ("****" + statusText + "****" + str(statusResponseCode) + "****")
    return statusText, statusResponseCode;

# Start the test
startTheTest_Response = requests.get('', params=parameters)

#Did the test work? If so, get the test ID
if startTheTest_Response.status_code != 200:
    print("*** Something went wrong. Couldn't start the test. ***")
    print("Start Test code: " + startTheTest_Response.url)
    print("Start Test text: " + startTheTest_Response.text)
    print("*** Test started successfully. Response: " + str(startTheTest_Response.status_code) + " ***")
    if verbose_debug:
        print("Start Test text: " + startTheTest_Response.text) # print the full response for debugging
    # Get the testId & resultsUrl
    resp_dict = json.loads(startTheTest_Response.text)
    testId = resp_dict['data']['testId']
    resultsUrl = resp_dict['data']['summaryCSV']
    print("resultsUrl = " + resultsUrl)
    print("testId = " + testId)
    # TODO: Get the number of tests from the queue and make the loop wait longer
    count = 0;

    statusText, statusResponseCode = getTestStatus(testId) # assign the return values from getTestStatus to variables
    while statusResponseCode == 404:
        print (str(count) + " results not ready. Status: " + statusText)
        count += 1
        statusText, statusResponseCode = getTestStatus(testId)
        if count > 50:
        if requests.get(resultsUrl).status_code != 404:
    print("exited loop")    
    #Grab only the columns I want    
    testResults_Response_dataFrame = pd.read_csv(resultsUrl)
    df1 = testResults_Response_dataFrame[['SpeedIndex','FirstInteractive','loadTime','lighthouse.Accessibility','lighthous​e.SEO','browser_version','date','URL']]
    # Print all columns
#    pd.set_option('display.max_columns', None)
#    pd.set_option('display.max_rows', None)
#    df.head()
You want the code from the test, not the HTTP response code for the API call so think this line

statusResponseCode = testStatus_Response.status_code

should be

statusResponseCode = resp_dict_status['data']['statusCode']

As far as polling goes, I'd suggest an incremental back off based on the number of testing being run, and when the last check was made but put an upper cap on it e.g. 1 hour
Hi Andy,

Thank-you very much for pointing out and correcting the fact that I using the wrong response. I've used your suggestion now and it's working great.

For the polling, I've changed the logic to now grab the number of tests I'm behind and wait that many seconds (plus an arbitrary 5 seconds) which works nicely.

Thanks again for your support.
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