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Full Version: Multiple Chromium Host Resolver Rules Supported?
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Hi there

I'm new here and checking out the Host Resolver Rules functionality for Chromium tests.

I'd really like to override multiple distinct domains in my test - is this supported by WPT and / or Chrome?

If I specify one MAP Host Resolver rule

MAP prod.example.com test.example.com

WPT generates this Command Line

Command Line: --host-resolver-rules="MAP prod.example.com test.example.com,EXCLUDE localhost,EXCLUDE"

and the host resolver override works fine during the test.

But how about if I want to specify two or more host resolver overrides - what's the syntax then?

I've tried

MAP prod.example.com test.example.com, MAP prod.example.com test2.example.com


MAP prod.example.com test.example.com,prod2.example.com test2.example.com

But neither of these seem to work.

Anyone know if I can do this and if so how?
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